Custom handcrafted jewelry in borosilicate glass and sterling silver


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Linda H. of Castlegar, BC wrote:
I've had allergic reactions to metals and jewelry since I was 12 years old. I could only wear 18k gold, titanium or platinum, and who can afford them? Then I was introduced to Wired On Glass. Ric has taken sterling silver and electro plated it with palladium. "Wow", I can wear any of his jewelry. I've worn Wired On Glass earrings for weeks and had no reaction, not even in the hot swelling or itchy ears! So if you have metal allergies, I urge you to try Wired On Glass!

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Necklace and Bracelet Size Guide

necklace collar size 13–15 inches

Collar 13–15 inches

Collars fit snugly around the middle of the neck. They are a must–have fashions tool. Most are very pliable and can be molded to fit your neck perfectly!

necklace chain size 16 inches

Chain 16 inches

16 inch length will fit most average woman high on the neck resting just above or on the collarbone. Will not fit everyone.

chain size 18 inches

Chain 18 inches

18 inch length will fit comfortably on an average woman and lie on or just beneath the collarbone.

chain size 20 inches

Chain 20 inches

20 inch length will be a little longer on an average woman. A comfortable choice for casual or business dress.

chain size 24 inches

Chain 24 inches

24 inch length generally falls in the area of a woman’s cleavage.

Bracelet Size Guide

For a measurement of where you would like the bracelet to rest, simply wrap a flexible sewing measure tape around your wrist or ankle and read the number where the ends overlap. This is your size.

Approximate Bracelet Sizing Chart
Age Bracelet Size
2 – 5 years 5½ inches
6 – 8 years 6 inches
9 – 13 years 6½ inches
Adult Small 7 inches
Adult Medium 7½ inches
Adult Large 8 inches
Adult Extra Large 8½ inches

Tips for choosing a comfortable fit

If you prefer a snug, wrist–hugging fit, use the actual measured circumference of your wrist. If you like a draping, looser fit, increase your measurement by a ¼” or ½” depending on your taste. Also, keep in mind that larger–link or chunky bracelets may fit more tightly than thin bracelets.

Please note:
When using a fexible sewing measure tape, the whole numbers representing inches (1, 2, 3, etc.) are clearly labeled. The marks in between the whole numbers represent half inches (for example 7½”). The smaller dashes represent quarter inches (for example 7¾”).